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 Acer Want One - Some damaging conclusions.

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Acer Want One - Some damaging conclusions. Empty
PostSubject: Acer Want One - Some damaging conclusions.   Acer Want One - Some damaging conclusions. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 4:25 pm

Acer Aspire One is undoubtedly an interesting toy also known as ultra-compact mini laptop personal pc, but only until whenever it is used for the purpose of normal work. If thought to play a lot more with Aspire One, could possibly encounter some unpleasant surprises (such like my recent experience contains shown), even more than you wish. One of the a large number of unpleasant moments, as is that to arive at a free slot for any memory system is necessary literally disconnected whole hull for the netbook. The only slot that is definitely covered with a cap while you have easy access towards the end of the chassis is that of expansion smaller PCI-e controller, but unfortunately connector to suit attaching the card simply missing. The next unpleasant surprise is involving flash memory used also known as solid 8GB SSD flash drive while in the Aspire One. There are two versions of this flash drive, both ordinarily are not particularly fast as accelerate, but you can however feel really screwed together with the slow version. To find which of the two options enjoy a flash drive, it is required to enter the BIOS (F2) as well as Information home page to take a look what is written in the HDD Model Name. Any time it says SSDPAM0008G1EA, you’re able to really enjoy your misfortune, because this is some sort of slow version of Show, which provides on usual about 20-25MB / erinarians reading speed, and approximately 5-7MB / s production. A quick version has ID P-SSD 1800, providing it's always an average speed of around 30-35MB / verts reading and 12-15 MB / s to jot down. And while the standard Linux distribution these speeds are no worries, then the attempted installing Windows XP as you anticipate a very unpleasant surprise. Actually, to install XP with Acer Aspire One are going to obtain the appropriate owners, which fortunately has not just officially available (until recently were not). Shame is of the fact that Windows installation of the model which includes a slow flash is horribly slow, the range of duration has two-three hours and not less than another 40-50 minutes for any drivers. As if ultimately pass entire body torture, it certainly, if you try more under XP will not be charmed through slow performance of the machine, which is not made either by memory or possibly by Atom CPU, but is slow because the flash drive. If you will be lucky and armed which includes a rapid flash, then important things are better, but again doesn't necessarily feel particularly comfortable in cooperating with XP. Solution to this problem that some folk used replacement of typical flash with fast Compact Flash card in conjunction with adapter CF to Zif plug, something that, however, is more difficult for any realization of an average. And at the this Acer norebook is still not a horrible decision. For those of you who wish to put Windows XP, appear to wait the new version of your Aspire One, which will be prepared by a normal HDD faster and even might be a license for the computer itself of Microsoft.
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Acer Want One - Some damaging conclusions.
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