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 Three Types Of Memory Storage For Hd Video Cams

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Three Types Of Memory Storage For Hd Video Cams Empty
PostSubject: Three Types Of Memory Storage For Hd Video Cams   Three Types Of Memory Storage For Hd Video Cams Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 4:20 pm

When it comes to non-tape-based mpeg recorder storage, there are three main types : hard-drive, flash memory, and memory chip. Here, we'll show exactly how each type has distinct advantages which make it best-suited for certain life-style needs .

Hard drive
hard drive video recorders offer more storage space than models that use flash drives or memory cards, starting from 30 to 120GB, meaning you can
Record more video at a time. Costs begin at $400, and the price will depend on the camcorder's lens, storage potential, and other features. Also note note that you'll need to invest in extra batteries due to the added power consumption needed due to the hard drive's moving parts. Video recorders with hard drives are good for anyone who needs plenty of space to capture life's moments.

Flash Memory
Flash memory video recorders use the same kind of storage as USB flash drives, making them smaller and more light weight than other camera types. Nonetheless these have a tendency to have less space for storage, from 8 to 64GB. You'll find flash-based video recorders beginning at $200, making them suitable for budget-minded families who intend to document their day to day lives with the children. These types are acceptable for frequent travelers who require a camcorder that will fit easily in a purse or bag or for families with children who want to test out their videography skills.

memory storage
Many hard drive or flash drive video recorders incorporate a memory card slot, so you can insert a compatible card and gain additional space to store your
Videos. Some video recorders can only store videos on a memory stick rather than to a hard or flash drive, but one benefit of using a mpeg recorder that utilises
Memory cards is the ability to quickly insert the card into a compatible computer or HDTV for instant video playback.

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Three Types Of Memory Storage For Hd Video Cams
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