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 Understand More Things About Personal Computer

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PostSubject: Understand More Things About Personal Computer   Understand More Things About Personal Computer Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:43 pm

PC is the abbreviation of Personal Computer. It is designed for individual user to do many programs that traditionally performed by large computer. Intel was the first developer of microprocessor named 4004 in 1971. Since that time many manufacturer are competing with each other to create the most sophisticated computer. Now we can find many brands of computers on the market. It is the result of the competition among personal computer manufacturers. They are racing each other to create the most sophisticated computer.

What are the things mounted on the CPU?

You will find power supply, drive bays, and expansion slots to connect all the things needed to build a PC. A motherboard is mounted inside the case. It has several components such as expansion cards, back panel connectors, memory and CPU sockets, and storage drives connectors for optical and hard drives. You will also find peripheral cards such as wireless network card, sound card, video card, and many more. You can also find several ports like PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, serial and parallel ports, USB ports, VGA and audio ports, and also LAN port.

What can you do with your Personal Computer?

You can do regular task with your computer by using pre-installed programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet, and many more. If you want to be an advanced user you can purchase software that can suit what you need. You can also do programming with your own computer. Some people find that it is exiting to make their own software so that they can modify it for their personal purpose. The program can be very simple and very complex depending on the level of the programmer.

Personal Computer can be used by any user with various needs such as medical, architect, technician, and many others. Differences of professional backgrounds result in the different usage of a Personal Computer. A doctor might use PC to monitor his patient抯 condition, an architect might use a computer to work on his design, while a technician might need to connect some instruments with the computer to support his job.

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Understand More Things About Personal Computer
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