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 Benefits Of A Flash Drive

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PostSubject: Benefits Of A Flash Drive   Benefits Of A Flash Drive Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 4:47 pm

USB flash drive is a type of storage device that can be used to store data like a memory card. A USB flash drive is popular for transferring data from one storage medium to another without any difficulty as it is portable, rewritable and removable. It can be easily carried from one place to another with great ease as it is small in size and has a weight of less than an ounce.

A USB flash drive can be used for various purposes. A USB flash drive can be used to lock your computer, it can serve as the MP3 player, and it can also connect to a wireless network. To use a USB flash drive for locking a personal computer, you just need to install free software, Predator, on your PC and the USB. Once the USB is loaded with Predator, it can be used to lock and unlock your PC with the help of this USB flash drive ?just as you see in some science fiction movies.

Along with the facility of locking and unlocking a computer, a USB flash drive can also be used to protect any sensitive data. To be able to do this, you must use a security tool, Rohos Mini Drive. This is a security tool that helps you to create a partition on your USB flash drive. You can store all your sensitive information on this newly created partition and protect it with a password. A USB flash drive can also be used to run some portable applications such as the Open-Office and some other applications that are supported by Mozilla Firefox. You can carry all these applications along with other games, audio files, and antivirus to all the places that you visit. A USB flash drive can also be a good alternative for an iPod as it allows 64 MB to 250 GB of data storage.

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Benefits Of A Flash Drive
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